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Early Entrance and Accelerated Program

In Berwyn North 98, it is our goal to provide equitable access, opportunities, and positive outcomes for all students. For some students, this may mean receiving instruction in a higher grade level than is typically assigned for than their age. In accordance with the Illinois Acceleration Act state mandate 105 ILCS 5/14A-32, D98 offers early entrance to kindergarten and first grade, and acceleration in single subjects or whole grades. Acceleration in a single subject means that students will join a higher grade level for math or reading, whereas whole grade acceleration means the students will be placed in a higher grade for the entire day.

The following guidelines were created by the District 98 MTSS Committee to provide families with information about our Acceleration policy and procedures. The standards for Acceleration are rigorous because a child’s appropriate placement is paramount to their academic and social-emotional growth.

Placement decisions will be made before July 1st. All data and information will be collected by the Acceleration Team, made up of District administration and appropriate grade-level teacher or school administration. After 3 months, if the placement is determined to be inappropriate by the stakeholders, the student may be moved back to their age placement.


Early Entrance Acceleration