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We are proud to open two new state-of-the-art STEAM labs at Lincoln Middle School and Prairie Oak Elementary. Now all schools at Berwyn North School District 98 are equipped with a STEAM lab.

BN98 elementary schools will continue to use the Woz ED curriculum designed by Steve Wozniak, co- founder of Apple, Inc. The curriculum helps students build an engineering mindset while they develop collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

BN98 was awarded Woz ED Pathway Careers status, making us part of an elite group of districts focused on helping students explore futures in the tech economy.

Lincoln Middle School will implement the "FUSE" curriculum, for STEM. The choice-based, assessment-free, student-led program helps school districts meet their goals for STEAM learning and is backed by research from Northwestern University.

FUSE lets students choose from more than 30 challenges including:

Beats Builder, in which students produce their music with professional audio mixing software; Coaster Boss, in which students work to build the fastest roller coaster on FUSE; and Print My Ride, in which students design their own model car and print it in 3D.

WozEd 2022 Pathway Conference

WozEd 2022 Pathway Conference


Prairie Oaks STEAM Lab