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School Health

Mission Statement for the School Health Department at Berwyn North School District

The mission of the School Nurses at Berwyn North School District is to optimize the educational potential of every student by fostering wellness and addressing health concerns that may impede the learning process.

Aligned with the National Association of School Nurses, school nursing is defined as a specialized practice of professional nursing that promotes the well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement of students. In pursuit of this mission, our school nurses facilitate positive student responses to normal development, promote health and safety, intervene with actual and potential health issues, provide case management services, and actively collaborate with others to empower students and families for adaptation, self-management, self-advocacy, and learning.

Philosophy of School Health

Berwyn North School District's school nursing philosophy is in harmony with the beliefs endorsed by the American School Health Association and The National Association of School Nurses:

  1. Every child is entitled to educational opportunities enabling them to reach their full potential as individuals and prepare for citizenship responsibilities.
  2. Every child deserves a level of health allowing maximum utilization of educational opportunities.
  3. The school health program, encompassing health service, health education, and environmental concern components, provides the knowledge and understanding for decisions promoting and protecting individual, family, and community health.
  4. Parents hold the primary responsibility for their children's health, with the school health program serving to assist parents in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Core Roles of the School Nurse

The essential roles fulfilled by the school nurse to foster student health and educational success include providing direct care to students, offering leadership for health service provision, coordinating screening and referrals for health conditions, promoting a healthy school environment, delivering health education, and serving in leadership roles for health policies and programs. The school nurse also acts as a liaison between school personnel, families, healthcare professionals, and the community.

Goals of Berwyn North School District Nurses

  1. Reduce health-related barriers to learning and absenteeism, thereby enhancing student achievement.
  2. Promote the health, safety, and wellness of all students and staff within Berwyn North School District.
  3. Foster a positive and collaborative relationship with students, families, colleagues, and the community.
  4. Promote best practices in school health services through continuous professional development and the provision of resources.

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