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Multilingual Education


The Department of Multilingual Education provides instructional programming for language and second language learners.  The mission of the department is to encourage bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism.  Students are able to participate in Dual Language and English as a Second Language programs.  


It's the vision of the BN98 Dual Language Program that students acquire a second language and appreciation of all cultures. Development of a second language will nurture a student's self-confidence, talents, and cognitive flexibility as they become future leaders responding to diverse perspectives.

Our program consists of native Spanish speakers, native English speakers, bilingual students who speak both languages at home, and students who speak a different language. Both Spanish and English are used to build literacy, meaning instruction is 50% in English and 50% in Spanish.


Our goal is for students to master the District 98 curriculum and grade-level academics in Spanish and English and become bilingual and biliterate individuals who demonstrate cross-cultural proficiency and have a positive appreciation for cultural diversity.

Biliteracy empowers our students to engage and find success in an ever-expanding global society. This enhances their capacity to reach their personal, academic, and civic potential in order to be college-ready and career-ready.







Director of Language Learner Services Francela Lopez
Language Learner Specialist Laura Carbajal-Ramirez
Language Learner Specialist Emily Szymczak