• School Safety Drills:

    This is a notice Berwyn North School District 98 will have annual mandatory school safety drills at each school building in March or April 2021. Do not be alarmed. These are mandatory safety measures the district follows from the state of Illinois to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. If a real emergency were to occur, communication will be shared immediately. 

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COVID-19 Saliva Screening

basic surveillance

Berwyn North School District 98 will join other school districts who have introduced Basic Surveillance, also known as a COVID-19 saliva screener, to help identify individuals who might test positive for COVID-19. Basic Surveillance will be made available to all students and staff who are interested on a voluntary basis. Berwyn North School District 98 staff have already began participating in this process and students will begin on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. This screener is not a COVID-19 test nor does it replace testing. However, it will detect COVID protein in the saliva which indicates that the individual may have COVID. If students or staff sign up, each week individuals will submit a saliva sample each week to determine if there is COVID-19 protein in their saliva. Individuals will spit in a vial to submit their sample. Individuals will be reminded to not eat or drink within 30 minutes of giving their sample. Each school building and the district office will designate a location for vials that are to be sent out for testing. Basic Surveillance will provide results quickly. If vials are submitted by 2:00 p.m. on any given day, the results will be available by 7:00 p.m. If COVID-19 protein is detected in individuals’ saliva, they will be notified the same day and advised to get tested for COVID-19. If no COVID-19 protein is detected, there is no notification. Basic Surveillance is an excellent way to determine the likelihood that an individual may have the COVID-19 virus. If there is a COVID-19 protein present in a saliva sample and an individual decides to not get tested, they will still be required to quarantine for the CDC recommended number of days. To avoid violating HIPAA, individual names will not be printed on the vial. Instead, every individual’s name is associated with a barcode.

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