• School Safety Drills:

    This is a notice Berwyn North School District 98 will have annual mandatory school safety drills at each school building in March or April 2021. Do not be alarmed. These are mandatory safety measures the district follows from the state of Illinois to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. If a real emergency were to occur, communication will be shared immediately. 

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Standardized Testing Letter for Parents


The U.S. Department of Education still expects every public school system in the country to administer federally mandated standardized tests to their students. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Education is strongly encouraging States to use the assessment data for guidance and planning instead of accountability purposes this year. We strongly encourage all parents to consider sending their children to school to take the tests. These tests can only be administered in person. If your child is participating in remote instruction and you want them to take the state test, please inform your child’s Principal. Transportation will not be provided by the school district. Parent/guardians will need to drop-off and pick-up students at their scheduled times. Please note that ALL students must wear face masks while on school district property and adhere to safety guidelines.

Please read the Standardized Testing Letter here! 

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