• School Safety Drills:

    This is a notice Berwyn North School District 98 will have annual mandatory school safety drills at each school building in March or April 2021. Do not be alarmed. These are mandatory safety measures the district follows from the state of Illinois to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. If a real emergency were to occur, communication will be shared immediately. 

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Power Form


Once you click on the link it will prompt you to the Powerform Signature page. The staff requesting the course pre-approval will be the first signer and will enter his/her full name and email address. You will also enter the second signer (Superintendent) full name and email address then hit begin signing. This will take you to the electronic form which you will fill out completely then sign. Once complete the form will be emailed to the second signer (Dr. Michelle Smith for approval/signature). Email documentation that proves the institution is accredited to rjohnson@bn98.org.