• School Safety Drills:

    This is a notice Berwyn North School District 98 will have annual mandatory school safety drills at each school building in March or April 2021. Do not be alarmed. These are mandatory safety measures the district follows from the state of Illinois to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. If a real emergency were to occur, communication will be shared immediately. 

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Zearn Math Training

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Training for adults supporting remote learning

Knowing how many adults will help with remote learning this year, Zearn is launching new tools and materials designed to support all adults, whether they are parents, tutors, caregivers, or coordinators at community-based organizations. 

To kick off this work, Zearn is offering free virtual webinars for parents, caregivers, tutors or other adults supporting remote learning. The webinar includes an orientation to Zearn digital resources as well as critical steps to support remote learning with Zearn. Please feel free to share the below webinar registration links with parents, caregivers, tutors, and adults who are coordinating of remote learning: